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This short course provides nationally accredited training for electricians in the design and installation of grid-connected PV systems.

This Grid Connect PV Systems - Design only course is training in battery storage design for electricians who hold CEC Install Grid Connect accreditation and seeking to gain CEC accreditation in Design Grid Connect.

The Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry course is an initial induction course to allow access to construction sites where a site-specific induction is carried out. The course provides employees with the basic occupational health and safety knowledge they will need prior to commencing work on construction sites.

This course is designed for electricians to gain the required skills to design and install stand-alone power systems (off-grid PV).

The grid-connected PV design accreditation skill set is designed for engineers and project managers and those who are not qualified electricians.

This WorkSafe course is designed to enable Health and Safety Representatives (HSR's) to understand and effectively exercise their powers and entitlements under the OHS Act 2004.

This WorkSafe-approved HSR Refresher Course give HSRs a chance to revisit aspects of the HSR Initial OHS Training Course and refresh their knowledge of the learnings on work health and safety.

The Course in Working Safely in the Solar Industry is designed to ensure workers have the skills and knowledge required for the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar water systems.