Futuretech's Case Manager explains opportunities and support available to electricians.

Helping Electricians Move Forward

As a Case Manager, Pam McCaughey works closely with electrical clients at the important stages of their career development. From providing help looking for work to preparing a résumé, or looking for a new study pathway, she works alongside tradesmen daily to help them achieve their professional goals.

Housed centrally in North Melbourne, Futuretech operates with an overall aim of producing skilled and confident electrical workers. Pam's role is one of support; as she deals with individuals from a range of circumstances.

"I work with clients that are not always feeling very good about themselves. I love to assist clients to identify their strengths and then help them formulate a plan to move forward. It is fulfilling to see clients that leave feeling more positive than they were when they arrived."

In helping clients move forward, Pam cites perseverance and a friendly personality as key traits for electricians looking for employment. While skills and knowledge are the fundamentals, having good references and remaining professional are also a significant parts of a person's career pursuit.

Futuretech has helped workers make the move to new areas, such as telecommunications, and identified instances where funding assistance is available with study.

"As a social worker, I have developed a strength-based, solution focus practice where I assist clients to identify where their strengths lie and how we can best apply these strengths to a career pathway," Pam says.

"One of the tools I use is a vocational assessment that matches clients' skills and interests with a career path. For clients that want to remain electricians, we look at what new skills would be beneficial with career advancement."

With initiatives like the NBN prevalent and solar installation continuing to see growth, and the state government investing in previous schemes such as Back To Work, opportunities are, thankfully, on the rise.

"At Futuretech we are lucky enough to have not only first class training, but an industry liaison worker who has established networks within this industry," Pam states.

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