A Grade Electrician, James, found employment after consulting with Futuretech.


James, an A Grade Electrician, had been out of work for two months following the completion of a contract and lack of subsequent work. James met with the case manager at Futuretech and advised that he was interested in the telecommunications industry but preferred to continue work as an electrical contractor.

As James was not interested in retraining, the case manager worked with him to update his resume and cover letter. James' resume was then forwarded to contacts within the telecommunications industry. The case manager also conducted job-search activities that identified a suitable position, which James applied for. James gained employment two weeks after meeting with the case manager and was also offered a job by a telecommunications company.

James chose the electrician's job and is enjoying his new working environment.

If you are a displaced electrical worker, Pam, the case manager at Futuretech, can help you, too. Case management services are offered through the Back to Work program, also known as 'New Horizons'. These services include:

* vocational assessment and counselling

* transferrable skills assessment

* training pathway identification

* resume preparation and assistance with job applications

* job skills training and interview coaching

* study support and funding assistance.

You can view the full article via the ETU Journal (Summer 2016).

For further information

Please contact Pam (Case Manager) on 9564 4705 or Helen (Administration) on 9564 4700.

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